10 Year Harpaversary

Exactly 10 years ago something happened that pretty much changed my life. I flew to Sweden to pick up my first nyckelharpa. I still have that instrument. He gets used in workshops and also as the second instrument when we perform Smörgåsballad. Over the last year my collection has grown to include some of the different types of nyckelharpa. I have the medieval Moraharpa, the 1700s kontrabasharpa, a modern three row chromatic, a violin pitched four row instrument that I have dubbed my button fiddle. (He's for ceilidh playing) and finally my cello-pitched nyckelharpa - called an oktavharpa. I love them all to bits and they all fulfil different things for me. The biggest problem is that there aren't enough hours in the day to practise them all!

This isn't however a complete set. There are at least two other old style harpas that would be required to have them all. (I'm not counting the double bass pitched one, there is currently only one of those in the world and to be honest my double bass would get rather too grumpy for me to get one) But a silverbasharpa would be a nice addition to this little lot. Maybe when I reach my 20 year harpaversary I'll treat myself!

It seemed rather appropriate that the nyckelharpa show went out this close to the harpaversary. Now to find some people who want to put the show on!


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