2019 here we come!

It's been an awesome 2018 for the nyckelharpa. Lots of lovely new players. So I'm now ramping up to start all over again in 2019!

We kick off the year in January with a complete beginners day at Benslow Music Trust in Hitchin in Hertfordshire on Saturday 12th January. Spaces are limited to the number of instruments I have (as of today I'm not sure how many spaces are left - I'll update this entry when I find out!

In February I'm travelling up to Morpeth in Northumberland where I'll be running two days of workshops. The format isn't 100% set yet - but at the moment it's looking complete beginners on Saturday 9th February and more advanced on Sunday 10th. Once I know who is interested I'll devise a differentiated plan so that everyone gets the most out of the two days.

In March I'm back at Halsway Manor for the beginners/intermediate weekend. Instruments are still available for this. Once we have more people signed up I'll be able to book in a second tutor. So get booking!! The earlier the better!

In June I'm running another advanced weekday course. This year I included musicianship skills, with Dalcroze Eurythmics inspired sessions and the infamous cups routine. I'll be moving both these forwards and have already started compiling new and cooler ideas.

September sees us back at Halsway Manor. We've only just had this years festival weekend, so I'm taking a small break before booking tutors for the weekend. Watch this space!

I'll be putting in smaller one day workshops here in Essex through the year, so keep checking back. If you have four friends that would like a workshop day it is possible to book one at your house. So get in touch!

12.01.19 - Benslow Music Trust Complete Beginners Day, Hitchin
09.02.19 - Beginners Workshop in Morpeth, Northumberland
Instruments are available to borrow
10.02.19 - More Advanced Workshop in Morpeth Northumberland
22.03.19 -  Halsway Manor - Beginners and Less Confident players weekend
Instruments are available to borrow
03-07.06.19  - Halsway Manor - More Advanced  Players four day course
06-08.09.19 - Halsway Manor Full Nyckelharpa Festival Weekend

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