A hive of activity…

It's a real hive of activity here today! I've managed to get two books off to print today. The first is actually a flute book, so not that relevant to the nyckelharpa, but it's been a tight deadline and one I was happy to meet.

Secondly I managed to get my 25 British Tunes book off to print tonight. (It's been a long day, recording, articulating, proofing and sending off). This book is officially going to be launched at Halsway Manor in one months time.

This frees me up to spend tomorrow on matters Halsway - hurrah! We are on track to having 40 nyckelharpa players at the Manor (until we all get there and have done a harpa count, I'm not counting my chickens!) This is the largest group the UK has seen and it's very exciting!

So time to clock off for the evening - another long day ahead tomorrow writing and recording and then finally sending off lots of music to lots of nyckelharpa players!

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