273The nyckelharpa is entering an exciting time in the UK and we are pleased to be able to offer different sorts of workshops at festivals or in the comfort of your own home. Sign up for individual or group taster sessions with instruments.Vicki's experience as an instrumental music teacher, workshop leader and Swedish heritage combine in a perfect way to bring the Swedish nyckelharpa to the UK folk scene. Vicki holds a Masters in Education specialising in distance teaching.Read her recent article published in the European String Teachers Association Magazine

The beginner taster workshops are aimed at people with no previous experience on the instrument and instruments are provided. The sessions are small and intimate to ensure that each learner is given sufficient attention. See below to meet the team members of the nyckelharpa pool. To book your own nyckelharpa workshop contact us!

Download the pdf flyer.

Private Lessons

harpa-pinPrivate lessons in North Essex - £30 per hour.

skypelessons are also available - £20 per hour.

Lessons are available whilst we are on the road, check the map to see if we are near you and can arrange a time. - £30 per hour plus fuel cost.


Members of the nyckelharpa pool. The workshop team now consist mostly of nyckelharpas by Olle Plahn.

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