About Vicki

Vicki Swan BA(hons) PGCE ARCM(PG) MAed

Vicki holds a degree in music specialising in performance, is a qualified music teacher specialising in instrumental music tuition,  has a post graduate qualification from the Royal College of Music in London (for performance) and holds a Masters in Education specialising in distance online instrumental music teaching. The research can be read on her masters website. The techniques and pedagogy developed during this research is now being employed to good effect on this website with the nyckelharpa.

Vicki's experience as an instrumental music teacher, workshop leader and Swedish heritage combine in a perfect way to bring the Swedish nyckelharpa to the UK folk scene.

She plays in the duo - Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer and also plays various assorted bagpipes. Vicki has an extensive back catalogue of books and CDs. She is an author for Schott Music Publishing.

Vicki was part of Encore -  European Nyckelharpa Co-operation in Europe in 2013 (The European Nyckelharpa Orchestra) both as performer and composer. Vicki was also worked with Soniccouture to sample the nyckelharpa, who knows where these sounds will end up!

The books relevant to the nyckelharpa are listed below, but there are plenty of other things to buy on our main shop site.

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