Bows and Cases


The bow is really, really important! Everyone is different and everyone demands something different from their bow. It's a never ending journey.

  • Jean-Claude Condi - These are what a lot of the top level nyckelharpa players use. They are awesome! (Mine is a model 4 at €900). (As a note, try to write in French, it might get a quicker answer)
  • Aurelie George - These are very fine bows, slightly more baroque in feel. (Around €420)
  • Erik Arro - from Uppsala makes a very fine bow. There are two qualities ranging from roughly £200 - £350. Get in touch with me for his email address.
  • Thomann - they do two bows, one is for the bowed psaltery and one is listed as nyckelharpa. The difference? One is longer than the other and twice the price. (36cm versus 38cm) I use the cheaper one, the price difference isn't worth it for me.


  • Bagluthiers - based in Spain. You draw round the instrument and send them the plan.
  • Bassbags - Based in the UK. Good sturdy cases, semi-rigid with backpack straps

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