Bows and Cases


The bow is really, really important! Everyone is different and everyone demands something different from their bow. It's a never ending journey.

  • Jean-Claude Condi - These are what a lot of the top level nyckelharpa players use. They are awesome! (Mine is a model 4 at €900). (As a note, try to write in French, it might get a quicker answer)
  • Aurelie George - These are very fine bows, slightly more baroque in feel. (Around €420)
  • Erik Arro - from Uppsala makes a very fine bow. There are two qualities ranging from roughly £200 - £350. Get in touch with me for his email address.
  • Thomann - These are cheap and cheerful. I buy the Bowed Psaltery version to the nyckelharpa one. The difference? One is longer than the other and twice the price. (36cm versus 38cm) )
  • Martin Tino Maxim makes very distinctive bows, find him on FaceBook.
  • Ian Power - a Brit based in Sweden, these bows seem to be getting better and better.


  • Bagluthiers - based in Spain. You draw round the instrument and send them the plan.
  • Bassbags - Based in the UK. Good sturdy cases, semi-rigid with backpack straps

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