Sympathetic String Gauges

Below is a list of the string gauges for makers.  They are all linked to Strings Direct, but can be bought anywhere! I've asked if I can have more than one wishlist, but they've not replied as yet!
You can order melody strings from The String Zone, they will order strings of different strengths, but you might need to wait to get the order from them, so order early.

Sören Åhker
I have set up a wishlist on Strings Direct for my sympathetic strings.
5x PL016
1x NW019
1x PB020
1x PB021
1x PB022
1x PB023
1x PB024
1x PB025

Olle Plahn Nyckelharpas (according to the last lot that I was sent)
3x PL014
3x PL015
2x NW020
2x NW022
2x NW024

Enar Magnusson Standard Nyckelharpas (correct as of March 19)
2x PL014
2x PL015
1x PL016
7x PB022
(Need help tuning your Enar sympathetics? Click here)

Enar Magnusson Oktavnyckelharpa
2x NW022
2x PB024
2x PB030
2x PB034
2x 040 (Couldn't' find a D'Addario)
2x PB042

Melody Strings for the Enar Oktavharpas:
Prim 1/4 size 'cello: C G D
Fourth string is a bass 0.100 gauge electric bass-guitar string. (I think this is it!)

Annette Osann/Olle Plahn Oktavharpa
2x PB030
3x PB026
3x PB024
4x PB023

Melody Strings for the Osann/Plahn Oktavharpa:
C4 Thomastik Belcanto Gold C
C4 Prim Cello Permanent Medium Tension
G3 Prim Cello Permanent Medium Tension
D2 Prim Cello Permanent Medium Tension

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