Technical Things

Here is a list of useful things that Vicki uses:



  • DPA  IMK-SC4061 instrument microphone kit for stage performances
  • AKG C411 contact mic for ceilidhs (to avoid feedback)
  • MPA VL Phantom power adapter (for the AKG)
  • Orchid Phantom Mic Mute Box (to mute the mic!)

Playing Things

  • Prim for the melody strings (available from Rigg Music)
  • Strings Direct for the sympathetic strings. (this list gives you the gauges I use, check with your maker first!)
  • Neck Pad from Halfords (I'm choosey!)

Travel Things

  • Peli Storm iM3200 to put the 'harpa in the hold of a plane. (Don't buy the foam - get your own)



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