The Swedish Bagpipes – Säckpipa

badgeAs a second generation piper, Vicki plays the Swedish bagpipes, (säckpipa - which translates from Swedish as bagpipes).

Vicki holds the Zorn Brons award for the traditional playing of the säckpipa* and will be playing for the Zorn jury again this year (2016).

*Why säckpipa and not nyckeharpa for Zorn?
I love both instruments and it was starting to play the nyckelharpa that brought me back to Swedish music again. I love to play and teach Swedish music on the nyckelharpa, but the nyckelharpa is more than that and I love playing all kinds of music on the 'harpa. The säckpipa for me however is only about Swedish music. It's about tradition. It's about exploring where I'm from and honouring my Dad, who was a piper.

You can find Vicki's bagpipe teaching blog on blogger - blogging since 2005! Any videos and soundcloud clips are in the playlists below.

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