Advanced Nyckelharpas at Halsway 2019

The week went by in a complete flash! It makes me wonder how we fit everything in to a weekend event when the weeks go by so fast. This year we built upon the nyckelrhythmics, this is building up quite nicely now! (You'll have to come on a course to find out more about them, but sufficed to say it usually involves props!)

The week was shared with Paul Hutchinson who was exploring music from old manuscripts, the favourite of which being The Maniac. It certainly was a maniacal tune that's for sure! We attempted it and made for a great exercise in working in A major. For me the one of the highlights was being able to bring my newly acquired silverbasharpa and teaching tunes on that. It's such a huge rich sound with all the strings thrumming away that everyone will want one!

Next year we have moved the dates of the advanced week, to March. This means that logistically we will be sharing the Manor with Jonny Dyer doing Scandinavian Accordion tunes and also Emmanuel Pariselle building melodeons. It's going to be epic, so sign up now! Spaces are limited!

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