Another Wonderful Weekend at Halsway Manor

02 teamHello!
That was another amazing weekend with a group of amazing people! I had such fun teaching more canons, a team-event piece, making another harpa wheel, making new friends from as far apart as Germany, Belgium and Uruguay.  As always Halsway Manor made us feel so welcome and we're really sorry that we kept the arts and crafts people up with our session in the bar so late!

Jonny and I performed Smörgåsballad on the Saturday, so everyone now knows to watch out for the man in the big black floppy hat!11 wheel1

The weather looked very dubious for our procession on Sunday morning, but luckily it was glorious sunshine and led everyone on a merry dance round the Maypole! I'd written a piece of music called: The Halsway Parade especially for the procession and have started my quest to make sure that everyone knows it for September.  The music in the video below.

Bookings are already going well for September and I'm at the point of considering a fourth tutor. The beginners spaces are pretty much all filled up, so everyone who has said they're coming needs to get in touch with Halsway asap and get their space. If everyone signs up this week I definitely have a better chance of four tutors. 😀

I'd like to thank everyone for a wonderful weekend and here's to September, see you there!

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