Community Help

Here are some handy hints for using the website. These hints are for members of the website and are for things that you will need to be logged in to see!

The Map

We have a map showing where our fellow nyckelharpa players are from. If you'd like to be on the map just get in touch. (You only get added if you want to there and you ask). If you're looking for the map and can't find it, you can only see it if you're logged in.

The login button is in the right hand side bar at the top. There is a captcha too.

Then you find the map here, it's called
Where are we

and you'll find it under the Contact tab.






There are groups within this site. Everyone gets access to the group called the Bar. Then each Halsway Course gets its own little community. Mostly it's used for organising lifts and swapping music. You can find a list of the groups that you're in by clicking on the word groups in the right hand side bar. Some groups you don't get added to automatically i.e. the gammalharpa group, or makers group. Just request entry and I'll add you.

Information for the Halsway Courses

There is always an information page for each Halsway course. Until the final few weeks before the course they are only available to see if you log in. For the final two-four weeks they're made public so to make sure that even the people that are having problems logging in can see them!

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