‘Harpas at Halsway

TBA - Halsway Manor More Advanced players week day course
07-09.05.21 - Halsway Manor Spring Weekend
17-19.09.21 - Halsway Manor Full Nyckelharpa Festival Weekend

ShoalofHarpasVicki first ran the teaching weekend at Halsway Manor in 2012. Inspired by her time on the distance course at the Eric Sahlström Institute the idea was to bring together nyckelharpa players from around the country to have a great weekend of playing whilst at the same time increasing teaching good technique, repertoire and how to get the best out of the instrument.

It was her dream to build this weekend from a small workshop into a larger event that would take over the whole manor. This dream came to fruition with the 4th 'Harpas at Halsway Nyckelharpa festival 2015.

In 2016 a second beginners/less confident weekend was added in April.

In 2017 the size of both weekends has increased with addition of extra tutors.

In 2018 the final piece of the jigsaw has been added - an advanced weekday course to cater for full progression of nyckelharpa learning.

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