Info for March 2019

Useful stuff to know and remember for Halsway March 2019

Before Halsway:
Use the community to chat about stuff. There are folders and files posted in the groups. At the bottom of this page is a youtube movie on how to get to the Groups.

Arrival and Departure:
Arrival is from 4pm, welcome drinks in the hallway of the manor. You can arrive earlier, but the rooms might not be available.
On the Sunday morning we all have to clear out our rooms before the warm up.
There is the option to stay on the Sunday night if enough people request this - so if you want to add this give Viv a call!
Cream cake and departure at 4pm.

Stuff to take:
Recording device
Session Music - available from the Music Books/Shop tabs above, also for sale at the weekend.
This music isn't essential - Vicki will be taking the infamous flipchart and teaching by ear.

March 2019 is aimed at beginners and less confident and there will be two groups that I'll teach both together and separately. In the sessions I'm not leading, Kirsty will be taking over. I'll teach by ear, but will have the music available.

The community group is here:

Timetable Version 3:

Tunes Taught

PDF of the music - Click here!


Both Groups


The Halsway Alspel (all play) Playlist for people who can already play (if you're a beginner you can safely ignore this list!

How to find and use the Groups Community in this website

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