Info for Halsway September 2017

Useful stuff to know and remember for Halsway September 2017

Before Halsway:
Use the community to chat about stuff. There are folders and files posted in the groups.
Click Here for the community group for this weekend.

Arrival and Departure:
Arrival is from 4pm, welcome drinks in the hallway of the manor. You can arrive earlier, but the rooms might not be available.
On the Sunday morning we all have to clear out our rooms before the warm up.
There is the option to stay on the Sunday night - a few of us are already booked in, so if you want to add this give Viv a call!
Cream cake and departure at 4pm.

Stuff to take:
Recording device
Session Music - available from the Music Books/Shop tabs above, also for sale at the weekend.
Sensible shoes for the dancing

Miscellaneous Stuff
The people in Groups A and B will know which group they're going to be in. Groups C and D will be based on friendship groups, so just tell me who you'd like to be with! There will be signup sheets in the Hall to put your names down on. This is for the logistics of fitting the right number of people into the right size room!

If you are staying in the Manor (i.e. not camping) you don't need to take bedding or towels. These are provided for you.

Timetable - V2.1 (final)


Music and Tune List:
A small list of tunes that quite a few people know to be played every session!

This tune is for the Parade on Sunday Morning

Some More Advanced Suggestions for the evening sessions


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