Information for Halsway September 2019

Useful stuff to know and remember for Halsway September 2019

Before Halsway:
Use the community to chat about stuff. There are folders and files posted in the groups.
Click Here for the community group for this weekend.

Printable Documents:
Potential Ceilidh Tunes

Tunes that Vicki Taught
Click here to download

Links to the videos of these tunes:
Hunt The Hog
Cadrill Kozaken
Fotspårens Marsch
Brudmarsch efter Täpp Erik Andersson
Polska efter Pål Karl Persson
Kalle Ågrens Vals
Doodle Oak Cloggers
Hedingham Green
• Borealis - coming soon, this needs to be done with a green screen....
Borealis expanded score

Arrival and Departure:
Arrival is from 4pm, welcome drinks in the hallway of the manor. You can arrive earlier, but the rooms might not be available.
There is the option to stay on the Sunday night - Vicki, Daniel and David are all staying Sunday night, so if you want to add this give Viv a call!
On the Sunday morning we all have to clear out our rooms before the warm up (unless you're staying Sunday night). Cream cake and departure at 4pm on Sunday
If you're staying until Monday morning, then departure is after breakfast on Monday.
There is nothing official scheduled after 4pm on Sunday except playing in the bar and a walk up the hill.

Stuff to take:
Recording device
Pencil / Paper / Manuscript
Session Music - available from the Music Books/Shop tabs above, also for sale at the weekend.
Sensible shoes for dancing - there will be opportunity to dance!
Walking Shoes - there will be opportunity to walk up the hill, so bring walking boots if you wish to do this.

Miscellaneous Stuff
If you are staying in the Manor (i.e. not camping) you don't need to take bedding or towels. These are provided for you.
You can run a bar tab - just provide your room number at the bar as you buy drinks and settle up by credit card at the end of the weekend.

Which Group is Right for You?
The teaching groups are self selecting, but broadly are arranged into Fast learners, Medium Learners and Slower Learners. You can swap between the groups at any time. Each group will be a room appropriate to the size of class.

Fast Learners - will typically have been playing a long time and are confident and quick at picking up by ear.
Medium Learners - will typically have been playing some time, are a little less confident and fast at learning by ear.
Slower Learners - will typically have learners who have been playing a short amount of time and want to bolster technique. Or who don't learn fast by ear.  Suitable for people who came to the March Halsway weekend and have their own instrument. If you're not sure you're good enough, this is a good group to start in and then move up if you want to be stretched more.

The Long Room - this is the large dining hall room and is large enough for large groups.
The Brendan Room - this is in the Annex, on the ground floor all the way at the end. Group size maximum 15.
The Bar - this is traditionally the room that the slower learners inhabit, again Group size maximum 15.

Timetable - V2

Alspel List

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