Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone! We had a wonderful December over here, over there, pretty much over everywhere with our Christmas show! We piled into the New Year with a ceilidh, one day all ceilidh bands will be led by nyckelharpas, but until that day I need to print some more flyers to explain it!

After a month on the road I've finally been able to do some house keeping. Everyone who is signed up to either of the Halsway weekends now have their logins and are in the community groups on the website. The April course is now fully booked, which is brilliant, so it's now time to start booking people onto the September Festival Weekend. It really helps me to know we'll reach the numbers needed for three tutors if everyone books as soon as possible!

I spent a couple of days recording some videos of tunes. They're tunes I like playing and I'd like to build up the site into a resource bank of tunes. To see most of them you need a login or you can find them on youtube, without any of the accompanying written music and also on my Nyckelharpa Effect Blogger site. On the blog site they're being released one video a week with all the written music. Or just log in here to get all the videos as I record them!

My January workshop in Essex is full, so I've put up a date for a workshop in April. As soon as that's gets full I'll put up a new date after that.

It's going to be a harpa-tastic year!

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