Happy St Patrick’s Day

Happy St Patrick's Day! We've got a new addition to the harpa family. Technically it is a nyckelharpa, but he's a special little thing and only to be used for Scottish and Irish stuff, so he's called a button-fiddle. So I recorded a little video to introduce the new fiddle. A Scottish and an Irish reel.

I can hear the questions already. 😀

So, it's a smaller scale length instrument tuned exactly like a violin - GDAE. Because I'm treating this instrument exactly like a violin I've decided to tune it like one. (Yes - it would have been easier to tune it like a C tuned nyckelharpa - but it's not about what is easier, it's about what is appropriate for the repertoire and style).

It's predominantly so I can play jigs and reels at the same pitch as a violin. Although it can be fun to play higher up the keyboard the tunes sound much better in the comfy end of the range of a standard nyckelharpa, so if I want to play with fiddles on some of these tunes in the keys they want to play in, then I've decided that this is the way to go!

It'll never replace the standard nyckelharpa or me playing tunes in keys suited to it, but it's a whole lot of fun being a button-fiddler!


PS The De'il Among the Tailors is in the tune list with a lesson attached to it (for standard harpa pitch), if you're logged in you should be able to find it.

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