Harpas at Halsway Nyckelharpa Festival 2019

The festival weekends just keep getting better and better. David and Daniel were two amazing players! We're still yet to reach the magical number of 50 players together - but there's no rush... maybe next year! We had several makers over this year from the continent. Aurelie Georges, bow maker. Annette Osann, nyckelharpa maker, Tino Mixan, bow maker and of course the amazing Olle Plahn, instrument maker.

Next year the weekend is a week later - 18th - 20th September 2020. It means that for one year there is no clash with Bromyard Folk Festival (where we hope to be) and also Medieval Music in the Dales. We have not, as yet, made any plans for who we plan to have as the tutors. This is partly due to uncertainty as to what is going to happen with visas for visiting tutors. It is unlikely that we can afford two sets of visas for two tutors. We are also likely to see an increase of 20% on all instruments from the EU due to import duty. Although this site tries to be apolitical, due to the very collaborative nature of the instrument and its global community, these are very unsettling and sad times.

So let's look to a future where the nyckelharpa does in fact take over the world. It has, as we speak already started. World Nyckelharpa Day is set to be on 26th April next year. You'll be hearing plenty about this as the months go on! I am running lots and lots of beginner classes all over the place: Essex, Lancaster, Hertfordshire, Northumberland, Scotland and of course Somerset - so you have no excuse not to come along and have a go! More about both of those things later!

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