International Days of Nyckelharpa

12108742_10153054440080064_6079102259371850127_nThe 12th International Days of the Nyckelharpa at Burg Fürsteneck

Wow! What a weekend. It was such fun. Around 80 nyckelharpa players all crammed into a lovely medieval castle.  I feel very honoured to have been asked back to tutor for a second year and see all my wonderful friends from Europe. All the tutors arrived a day early so that we could rehearse for the Saturday night concert and what a concert it was! As soon as I have any links to video I'll post them up. I was very privileged to be able to perform Hårgalåten with Magnus, Emilia, Caterina and Didier. It was a very special performance.

This was the 12th year for the International Days of Nyckelharpa and Didier and Marco have worked so hard to make it into a weekend that is really very special. I have been very inspired teaching here for the last two years and I hope that I can take some of the special magic back to the UK and sprinkle
it all over the weekends at Halsway Manor.

I had a lovely class of students from Germany, Italy, Belgium and the USA. We played until we droppedgroup and I made some lovely new friends and I hope that we can meet up and play again in the future somewhere in Europe! I arrived home very tired and very happy. I have now videoed and put up the tunes that I taught, so if you were at the weekend I should by now have sent you a link to the music. Get in touch if you can't get to it!

Now I am looking forward to next year and my two weekends at Halsway Manor (April and September). Maybe I'll see some of my new friends there!

I have rearranged this website a little, so if you find any broken links, let me know and I can go and fix them!

In the meantime I'm about to record a new album with Jonny, so I had better go and learn the new songs and stop dreaming about playing in nyckelharpa orchestras!


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