Lewes Saturday Folk CLub

I've just put together the final details for a workshop down in Lewes. It's a mixed sort of workshop, but very led on the nyckelharpa with nyckelharpa players in mind. The workshop is looking like this at the moment. I want to take the participants on a journey. From the old cowhorn tunes, the moraharpa and säckpipa (which between us Jonny and I have been working on a lot in getting the Zorn Bronze award). The I wanted everyone to have a bit of a Byss-Calle experience. Since I got up close and personal with him in the show I wanted to bring him out to play (not literally, although I it is a possible request...) So there should be something for everyone!

  • Exploring the old tunes, from cowhorn to moraharpa and säckpipa (Swedish pipes).
  • Byss-Calle – meet the amazing Swedish nyckelharpa master himself; exploring his tunes.
  • More complicated tunes and rhythms

In summary (I need to keep the titles short and snappy this is what we're looking at.

So book up now - Sunday 17th September. ->  click here!

We're taking Purcell's Polyphonic Trio down for the Saturday, so make a weekend of it!

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