Nyckelharpas for Sale

I often get told about nyckelharpas for sale. So if you're after a nyckelharpa and I've heard about it I'll post it here. Note though that I'm not endorsing or vouching for the instrument, just that I know about it and it's for sale. If you're interested in anything posted on this page, drop me a line and I'll pass your details on to the seller.

Instruments for sale:

1981 L. Ekberg
Nyckelharpa for sale in the Southampton area. Get in touch for more details.

Tenorharpa made by Alan Miller is being sold by Alan. Details on his website.
A tenorharpa is lower than a standard pitch nyckelharpa, but not as low as an oktavharpa.
So the strings are tuned: (low to high)
GDAE ie a violin one octave lower.

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