Next Workshop – Sunday 17th July

I just filled up the workshop on 3rd April - so I've posted up a new date:
Sunday 17th July. Currently all four spaces are available, so get in touch if you'd like to have a go on the nyckelharpa.

This year we've got a few workshops at festivals - Shepley Spring Festival in May and Broadstairs Folk Week in August. More details on that once we get the times and dates in.

The bookings are coming in for Halsway in September - I'm hoping to top the 42 we had last year. We're about halfway there at the moment - so don't delay, book your space now! (It'll help stop me fretting that we're not going to make our target!)

In other news I'm publishing a new tune on my blogger each week under the hashtag #tunefridaty. Of course all the tunes are already available on this site if you're a member, but it's quite fun to be posting up each week. I've been digging into my archives and have racked up enough videos to keep me going until July. We got new cameras over Christmas and I've been playing around with layering ensembles up. I think my favourite so far is definitely Fikavalsen from last week. I recorded two videos, one an ensemble and the other teaching and managed to link the two together. This week it's the Irish Washerwoman, no ensemble but a really good tune.

I'm working very hard on my säckpipa at the moment - it's International Bagpipe Day next month and I've pre-recorded my video for release on March 10th. You'll have to wait and see, but you can see my säckpipa progress on on my säckpipa page. So I'll leave you today with a säckpipa tune.... you might just find this tune as #tunefriday next week...

See you all soon I hope!

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