Welcome to the Nyckelharpa Four a Day Daily Exercises.

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This programme is designed to run in conjunction with having a real life teacher or by using tutor such as Peter Hedlund’s Nyckelharpa School DVD series.

These are daily training exercises designed to help the beginner or less confident players.
It’s called four a day because each day has four lines and each line has four bars.
Only complete one page per day, move onto the next the following day.
They are exercises designed to progress the learner step by step, thinking about sound and fingers.
There are tunes in amongst the exercises – but it is all about the exercises.

The exercises are designed for C and or D tuned nyckelharpas,  just follow the pathway for your tuning.

The site is now in progress so more days (we’re up to 35, the next days are in preparation) will be added. How many will there be by the end? Who knows! Probably when there is no-more to say! That’ll take a while! It’s asynchronous so you can do this at any time.

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