The Basics (free)

Welcome to the basics page! Below are some youtube movies covering some of the basics.
The videos in the playlist cover. If you'd like me to add something let me know!
(click on the top right hand corner of the embedded video below to skip through the videos)

  1. Holding the nyckelharpa
  2. Holding the nyckelharpa sitting down
  3. Tuning the nyckelharpa
  4. Nyckelharpa bow hold
  5. Tuning the Melody Strings
  6. Pizzicato on the nyckelharpa
  7. Fixing Sticky Keys
  8. The tuning of the Enar Magnusson Sympathetic Strings
  9. Livestream of changing the sympathetic strings (55 minutes!)
  10. Livestream of changing the melody strings (17 minutes)
  11. Using a metronome
  12. The original first basics video (it's quite red)

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Leif Alsjö has uploaded some very useful videos:

Nyckelharpa player and friend Jenny has some posture advice:

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