Nyckelhats are go!

I admit it, I'm a bit of a crochet-aholic. Maybe not so much in recent times, but I have crocheted a lot. Hats, gloves, scarves, jumpers, jackets even a teddy (although a very scary looking one!) I bought my lovely nyckelharpa by crocheting and selling 428 hats. That's the reason she's called Hattie. I have continued the crocheting and these hats now go to fund the ever increasing number of instruments I have. These instruments are mostly for use in workshops - but there is one special nyckelharpa that I'm still after - the Oktavharpa. I'm sure I'll blog about him when he arrives and that's going to be soon. So I need to really get down to some serious crocheting - I haven't yet figured out how many hats are going to be needed for him, but I think it could well be in the region of 1000... :/ I'm 10% of the way there. But I also need to keep selling them. So if you fancy supporting the increasing number of instruments, or even fancy donating towards the cost of the time of making all the videos I post up - treat yourself to a nyckelhat. They're lovely and warm. 😀 The fiesta (pictured here is a particularly popular colour and rightly so!
Visit the nyckelhat page!

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