Off To Germany

I've recovered from the awesome weekend that was 'Harpas at Halsway - Nyckelharpa Festival. I've made lots of plans for next year. I thoroughly debriefed myself and have made plenty of notes from all the feedback I got. Spaces are nearly filled up for the beginners/less confident weekend in April, so if you're thinking of going there are only a maximum of four spaces left (and possibly less!) Don't worry about needing an instrument, some of these spaces are still for the complete beginner.

So in just over a week's time I'm off to the International Days of Nyckelharpa at Burg Fürsteneck in Germany. I've been busy brushing up on my session tunes and trying to get my British tunes on the website in some sort of order. Although I feel I've made a good start I'm going to try to get tunes in better places and build up an online virtual session. These things take time though and we've been on the road  quite a lot this summer. Come January I should have a bit more time to be able to get this under way!

I've set up a little community in the website for my students from Germany last year and this year, so let me know if I've not invited you in yet! In the meantime see you in Germany!

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