The Nyckelharpa on Holby City

It's been a very exciting week here! The nyckelharpa has hit prime time BBC1. It may have only been a passing soap opera appearance, but there it most definitely was! In the grand scheme of being an extra on a soap opera it had quite a good showing - Holby City, series 19, episode 13, I do I do I do.

It was a most excellent day and you can still catch up with the episode on the BBC website. If you're out of the country and want to see the episode it can sometimes be found on Youtube, we're not sure it's supposed to be on youtube, so this link might not work after a while, so just search it if it doesn't.

We also made the soundtrack of the Behind the Scenes video, hardened nyckelharpa players will of course recognise the music. In fact they'll recognise all the music that was played:

Bridal March: Jämtlands  Brudmarsch
Recessional: Polska efter Byss-Calle Nr. 3es-hc2
First Waltz: Fikavalsen
Dance: Härjedalsschottish

Fikavalsen (the first dance music) has been digitally released, so you can stream it on spotify or just simply buy the download! Check the details of how to get it on the Swan-Dyer website.

Our Ella, the second tutor for the March course was also in the episode as one of the dancers and wedding guests. So we can now say that the tutors for the March weekend at Halsway Manor are all movie stars! Ella will also be leading a dance workshop at the weekend to help people get to grips with the polska and other dances. The picture below shows Ella in the blue dress on the left and Vicki, of course, playing the nyckelharpa. (The March course is now fully booked.)

Check out the secret playlist below for some goodies.
It was a lot of fun and a memory I will treasure for ever!

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