Moraharpa Tunes

A page dedicated to the Moraharpa tunes. Some are Swedish and some are "historical". Some are both....
These videos do take a lot of time to put together - so using the donate button is much appreciated!

Swedish Tunes
14.04.17 - Calle's Påskgånglåt
05.01.18 - Skäggigtpolskan
10.03.17 - Skäggigtschottisen

"Historical Tunes"
02.02.18 - Branle de la Montarde
24.11.17 - Italian Rant
19.01.18 - La Traditore My Fa Morire
12.01.18 - Washerwoman's Branle

Information Videos:
03.03.18 - How to Hold the Moraharpa Bow

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