#tunefriday and Youtube

Hello all!
For more than two years now I've been building up a bank of teaching videos, loose grouped together with hashtag - #tunefriday. They all uploaded to my Nyckelharpa youtube channel and then teaching pages made at my Nyckelharpa Effect in blogger.

These videos take quite a lot of time to put together, especially the ones where I play as an ensemble. So I choose to monetise the videos with adsense. To be honest the ads never really brought in much money, I've had some donations, I think the tally at the moment comes out that I have earned around £1 per video, not bad I suppose, but they all take between 1 - 6 hours to make depending on the complexity of the video. I love making these videos and will continue to make them.

Youtube are just about to change the rules for being eligible to monetise the videos which means I will have to have 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of listen time in the last 365 days. Read all about it on the BBC website - click here.

This is tough. At the time of writing I have around 420 subscribers (Up around 100 on last week due to some frantic social networking!) and around 1000 hours of listen time. I could just give up on the adverts and maybe spend less time on the complicated videos. I could decide to really go for it and reach the new criteria. I could ask for more donations. I'm quite stuck. I love making these videos and I believe they make a difference in bringing the nyckelharpa to an ever wider audience.

So - if you're reading this and you like my videos. Help me not to have to make a choice. Definitely subscribe and if you feel inspired and that these videos have helped you. Do think about donating so I can keep making the really cool multi-layered videos like the ones below.


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