Tutors Revealed for Harpas at Halsway September 2019

Hello all!
It is now my great pleasure to announce the tutors for September 2019! As we all know (or if you didn't, then you do now!) the nyckelharpa is ultimately descended from the mighty kontrabasharpa. This year I can reveal we have two amazing nyckelharpa players who specialise in kontrabasharpa. The might Daniel Pettersson and the amazing David Eriksson. Don't take my word for it - watch these two youtube playlists of them playing and get on the phone and book your place at Halsway Manor right now! (If you're a total beginner on the nyckelharpa - get yourself booked onto the March weekend to be able to come to September.)
Click Here for more details.
See you there!
Phone Viv at Halsway Manor to book your place: +44 1984 618274
(Halsway haven't as of time of writing put the event on their website yet - but bookings are open)

About Daniel Pettersson - (Sweden)

Daniel Pettersson comes from Västerbotten, a northern region of Sweden. Having grown up in the world of traditional music, he is now recognized as a very fine interpreter and innovator of northern repertoire. Daniel studied at the Eric Sahlström institute and at the "folkhögskola" in Malung. He gives concerts and teaches throughout Sweden and abroad. He has featured on several recordings and collaborated with musicians of different styles. Daniel was awarded the title of "nyckelharpa world champion" in the year of 2000. In 2014 he became the first to earn the title of Riksspelman, interpreting the Västerbottnian repertoire on the kontrabasharpa (a 1800-century-style Nyckelharpa).

About David Eriksson - (Sweden)

David comes from Västerbotten in the north of Sweden but now lives in the north part of Uppland. He is a member of several bands and constellations and he frequently appears as a guest artist in many different kinds of bands and genres. He is a professional nyckelharpa player and he studied at Eric Sahlström Institute for nyckelharpa, and continued with a Bachelor’s degree and pedagogy degree at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. He is a “Riksspelman”, has won the Swedish championship in older traditional nyckelharpas, and has received several other scholarships and awards. 2016, he won the worldchampionship on the kontrabasharpa. Beside the bands, he works as a teacher, composer, writer and a freelance musician and he is also a nyckelharpa maker. More at: www.massivet.nu and www.lyy.se

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