Under Five Weeks Until Halsway!

The wheel of the year turns very, very quickly! It's less than five weeks until we fill Halsway Manor with nyckelharpas again. Smaller than the September weekend, but definitely bigger than last April! I'm still busy prepping and don't feel like I'll have everything done in time. But the weekend will arrive and so will we and it will be fun! I've been busy filming all the tunes I'm going to teach ready to turn them into #tunefridays. I'm still very, very busy with the Saturday night show. I've put a playlist below which doesn't really tell you anything useful about the show.... or does it?

The next beginners workshop in Essex on the 5th March is now full, so I've put up a possible date in April - Sunday 30th April. This date is movable, so if you're the first to get in touch you get to request a date!

See you soon!

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