What a Weekend!

Wow! That's all I can say. We had an amazing weekend at Halsway Manor last weekend. I've been away in Sweden since the course finished, but am now back and really take time to appreciate how wonderful the weekend was. We were 45 nyckelharpa players all filling Halsway Manor with resonant strings. It was always my dream to fill Halsway Manor with one huuuuge nyckelharpa course and I think we managed it!

I was too busy to make a proper advertising video - but video was taken and below is the playlist.

point-at-the-sky-smallThe most unexpected thing happened the day after we all returned. We managed to sell out the March course within hours. So I did some fast talking and we have expanded the course to take more participants. But even so, but the end of today we have again sold the course out and there is no way we can expand it further. It caught me totally by surprise! So watch this space for more news.

So now I have lots of plans to make, tunes to write, organise and some smaller workshops to put in the diary.

Enjoy the videos below and hope to see you soon!






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