Workshops and the Näcken

It was great to meet another four people wanting to try the nyckelharpa this weekend. I had a lot of fun and I'm pretty sure that there is a budding harpa player just waiting to get her hands on an instrument. Watch out Czech Republic - you're getting the nyckelharpa like it or not! 😀
The next workshop should be sometime in January or February - so get in touch. The first person to get in touch gets to choose a date (if I haven't already done so!)
I'm in the middle of preparing for several new shows at the moment (Christmas being just round the corner!), but the most exciting one is my nyckelharpa show that is going to debut at Halsway Manor in March. Whilst Jonny has been away performing for Comus in the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse I've been taking drastic measures to make sure I'm up to scratch for March. Watch the playlist for more info. (New videos are being added).

Then you can always come and see the show in March - until then, my lips are sealed!

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