World Nyckelharpa Day Goes Online

Hopefully every nyckelharpa player in the world will have noticed that it was World Nyckelharpa Day on Sunday 26th April. It was amazing! Because the hold world is in lockdown it basically went online and because it went online it meant that there was a truly global programme of events that spanned Japan, Germany, France, Sweden, the UK and over to the States to finish. So if you did miss the day - you can actually catch up on quite a lot of the events online. So use the clicky link and hop on over to the website and have a watch!


I'm taking a little rest and then will start to think about next year and how we can build on what we started in 2020! I hope you enjoyed the day itself and I hope you enjoy the "catch up" (if you didn't). Keep an eye out though - we're going to try to make next year bigger and better!

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