Larica Gold Rosin – 2 for the normal nyckelharpa, 3 for the oktavharpa
Nyckelharpa Stand – even works as a chair
Corrie Schrijver – Re-hairs my bow

DPA 4060 Microphone – for stage work,
Prodipe VL21-C – cheaper, but not as good as a DPA
AKG C411 – contact mic for loud ceilidhs
AKG MPA VL In Line XLR Power Adaptor – pre-amp for the sticky bug
Remic V520 Classic for use in ceilidhs (but I didn’t really like this one)
Extinct BM9 Actives for recording work

Peli Storm Flight Case IM3220
Bass Bags Nyckelharpa Cases
Saijas Bil & Båtinredningar 
Zip Tip – nyckelharpa case zips do seem to fail after a while. The best place to get the zip replaced is a decent shoemaker/cobbler.