Past Halsway

Harpas at Halsway started back in November 2012 and each year we grew and grew until the pandemic stuck a very large spanner in the works! We’ve now done 10 years at the Manor! We have managed at least one course at the Manor every year – even managing to slip in a weekend in-between lockdowns in 2020 (by the skin of our teeth!)

Course 23: Nyckelharpa Spring Weekend March 2023
Tutors Vicki Swan & David Chadwick
Course 22: Festival Weekend September 2023
Tutors: Johan Lång, Björn Kaidel, Vicki Swan

Course 21: Nyckelharpa Spring Weekend March 2023
Tutors Vicki Swan & David Chadwick

Course 20: Nyckelharpa Retreat Week and Scandinavian Accordions 2023
Tutors: Vicki Swan and Jonny Dyer

Course 19: Festival Weekend September 2022
Tutors: Johan Lång, Kirsty Money, Vicki Swan
Course 18: Beginners/Intermediate Spring Weekend March 2022
Tutors: Vicki Swan, Ella Sprung
Course 17: Advanced Weekend March 2022
Tutor: Vicki Swan
Also Scandinavian Accordions with Jonny Dyer
Course 16: Festival Weekend September 2021
Tutors: Olov Johansson, Ruth Morris, Vicki Swan
Course 15: Pandemic Scandinaivan Tunes Weekend
Tutors: Vicki Swan, Jonny Dyer
Course 14: Festival Weekend September 2019
Tutors: Daniel Petterson, David Ericsson, Vicki Swan
Course 13: Advanced Weekend June 2019
Tutor: Vicki Swan
Course 12: Beginners & Advanced Weekend May 2019
Tutors: Vicki Swan, Kirsty Money
Course 11: Festival Weekend September 2017
Tutors: Josefina Paulson, Torbjörn Näsbom, Vicki Swan
Course 10: Advanced Weekend June 2018
Tutor: Vicki Swan
Course 9: Beginners Weekend May 2018
Tutors: Vicki Swan, Ella Sprung
Course 8: Nyckelharpa Festival Weekend September 2017
Tutor: Magnus Holmström, Josefina Paulson, Vicki Swan
Course 7: Beginners & Intermediate Nyckelharpa Weekend March 2017
Tutors: Vicki Swan, Ella Sprung
Course 6: Nyckelharpa Festival Weekend September 2016
Tutor: Magnus Holmström, Johannes Mayr, Vicki Swan
Course 5: Beginners & Intermediate Weekend April 2016
Tutor: Vicki Swan
Course 4: Nyckelharpa Festival Weekend September 2015
Tutors: Peter Hedlund, Didier Francois, Vicki Swan
Course 3: Nyckelharpa Weekend November 2014
Tutors: Vicki Swan
Course 2: Nyckelharpa Weekend November 2013
Tutors: Vicki Swan
Course 1: Nyckelharpa Weekend November 2012
Tutors: Vicki Swan