I’ve just come back from teaching at the Internationals Days of Nyckelharpa at Burg Fürsteneck in Germany. An amazing five days at a medieval castle in Germany with around 70ish nyckelharpa players. I was teaching dance tunes from the Playford 1651, ceilidh and America Contra style tunes. I was aiming for groove! Fürsteneck has very much a similar feel to the weekends at Halsway, but is a little bigger. There are seven tutors and it caters for complete beginners up too advanced. I feel so honoured to have been asked to play, especially in these pandemic times. It’s my third trip as a tutor and I really love meeting up with all my nyckelharpa friends from over the channel. Maybe next time I’m asked I’ll see if I can bring a UK contingent with me!

For more details about what I taught visit my teaching website for the full list! Below you can see a 360 view from the inner courtyard at the castle! I hope it’s not too long before I can be back again!