The nyckelharpa is the most ethereal and amazing of instruments, nearly lost to the world but kept safe in the small region Upland in Sweden. 

The Nyckelharpa Effect’s aim is to run workshops with instruments provided (maximum 8 participants) and introduce as many people to this wonderful Swedish instrument as possible. Vicki Swan is a teacher with a global reach: UK, Sweden, Portugal, Germany, Australia, Sweden and even for Netflix. Vicki is the driving force behind World Nyckelharpa Day.

This website is designed to be a resource and hub for teaching, workshops. If you’ve seen a nyckelharpa and would like a go (and are based in the UK), these workshops are for you. Workshops are kept to small numbers and instruments are provided. During the pandemic all teaching has gone online into a dedicated online virtual learning environment, so go and visit Vicki’s Virtual Music Room.

Click the button to go to Vicki’s Virtual Music Room for lots of online teaching resources.