Harpas at Halsway: Nyckelharpa Festival 15th-17th September 23

How long until Harpas at Halsway 23?

Friday 165 Sep 4pm — Sunday 17 Sep 4pm, 2023

Tutors to be confirmed!

Tutor 1 – to be confirmed

Tutor 2 – to be confirmed

Vicki Swan
Vicki studied at the Royal College of Music on the double bass. She also plays the various types of bagpipes, flute, recorder, piano and nyckelharpa.  On leaving music college Vicki started down the long path of folk music and was only seen on rare glimpses back in classical orchestras. You’ll find Vicki now inhabiting the troll ridden forests on the hunt for new and exciting tunes from the näcken. Vicki plays not only the standard 3-row modern chromatic, but also the 1408 sienaharpa, the 1526 moraharpa, the 1700s kontrabasharpa and the 1800s silverbasharpa. Over the pandemic Vicki has worked tirelessly on a Virtual Music Room to try to help isolated nyckelharpa players remain motivated and focussed on playing and learning. Chances are after all this time alone at home she won’t stop talking at the Halsway weekend! Seeing as this is Vicki’s website we don’t really need a link, but here is one to Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer:

Prices for 2022 were as follows

Full board per person (tuition, activities, all meals & accommodation):
• £270 single ensuite room
• £232 sharing an ensuite room
• £232 single non-ensuite room
• £185 sharing non-ensuite room

Camping per person (tuition, activities, all meals):
• £175

Non Resident (tuition, activities, all meals except breakfast):
• £165

Non-Participant (all meals)
• £95 camping and all meals
• £165 dorm room non-ensuite

Sunday night supper B&B available (must be booked in advance):
• £45