Eric Sahlström Institute 18th – 21st January 2024

18th – 21st January 2024

This is very hot off the press – The course will be from Friday to Sunday, but we are also able to stay over from the Thursday – which is what I’ll be recommending.

Come with Vicki on a trip to Nyckelharpa HQ in Uppland the famed Eric Sahlström Institute. There will be two classes running at the same time.

1. An ESI teacher teaching Swedish Stuff to mostly our group
2. Vicki teaching British Stuff to the Swedes

It’s open to nyckelharpa players or fiddlers. It’s open to anyone in the world.
The price is yet to be set – but you’d be crazy not to want to come on this little outing!
Get in touch to put yourself on the expression of interest list!

Getting to the Eric Sahlström Institute

Stage 1 – Getting to Sweden

The closest airport is Arlanda, just north of Stockholm. I tend to choose Ryanair and book a seat for my harpa. Ryanair fly from Stansted. I have a page listing different airlines and their baggage requirements here.

Direct Flights:
London Stansted to Arlanda: Ryanair
London Heathrow to Arlanda: British Airways and SAS
Gatwick to Arlanda: Norwegian
Manchester to Arlanda: SAS
Edinburgh to Arlanda: SAS

One Stop:
Edinburgh to Arlanda via London using British Airways
Edinburgh to Arlanda via Amsterdam using KLM
Newcastle to Arlanda via Amsterdam using KLM
Bristol to Arlanda via Amsterdam using KLM
There seem to be lots of choices on KLM with one stop
Newcastle to Arlanda via Frankfurt using SAS

Stage 2 – Getting to ESI

Train from Arlanda to Uppsala takes roughly 20 minutes and they go every half hour.
The train from Uppsala to Tobo takes about 30 minutes and they go every hour.
It’s a fifteen minute walk from the station to the Institute, but we’ll try to sort out lifts for that final mile!
You can of course hire a car, this takes 56 minutes from the airport.

Other alternatives

Want to take the train?
It’s doable – but takes a long time! This screenshot is an example from Rail Europe. (London to Stockholm)

Want to drive?
This is also doable – but takes a really long time!
Best route:
Harwich to Hook of Holland on the Ferry (That’s about 6 hours and the ferry goes twice a day)
Let the Satnav guide you the rest of the way