Info for Halsway (Spring Weekend Course)

Useful Things to Know

This is the course page! I’ll be uploading bits of information here for you to see. Helpful bits and pieces. If you’re booked on hopefully you’ll find it useful. If you’re not booked on yet, maybe it will help whet your appetite!

Arrival is from 4pm on Friday, but nothing is scheduled until after dinner. The course officially finishes at 4pm on Sunday but you can book and stay until the Monday. There is just an informal session in the bar. We are very likely to take a walk up the hill at the end of the course so you will need walking boots, it’s likely to be muddy! We then leave after breakfast on Monday.

I’ve made a WhatsApp group for people to keep in contact. Send me an email and I will send you the link.
If you’d like the music to print out – Vicki’s music is now ready on the resources page. You will have been emailed the password – CLICK HERE.

There is now a Halsway Manor session pad with 40 of the popular tunes from the bar.

Things to bring:
• Recording device
• Pencil
• Tablet if you’d like to read dots
• Walking Boots if you’d like to walk up the hill
• All bedding is provided

The Teaching
• The groups are split into slower, medium and fast. You get to choose which group you go in. It is fine to swap groups – be aware the tutors may be teaching the same tunes to each group.
• There may or may not be music provided in advance, if there is it might be emailed for you to print out before you arrive. The teaching will mostly be by ear – if you know you want the music in advance get in touch so I can organise that.

Schedule Version 2

The Halsway Parade
This is the tune we play as we parade out to the mosaic and take photos. So brush up on it, visit the teaching page over in the Virtual Music Room.

If you are catching the train to Halsway and would like to be picked up from the station get in touch.

Everyone gets a badge if they want one. (I usually ask for a donation of 50p them.) Everyone needs to just confirm names before I make them! This year the badge has the maypole on it.