How long until Harpas at Halsway 23?

Where can you find Vicki teaching?

Monday 30th January – Friday 3rd February 2023Nyckelharpa Retreat Week at Halsway Manor
Join Vicki for five days of nyckelharpa playing. Workshops will include mostly Swedish music, ensemble playing and some optional technique sessions.  This course will run alongside Jonny’s Scandinavian Accordion week and we will come together in the evenings.

24th – 26th March 2023Spring Weekend for Beginners and Intermediates, Halsway Manor, England, UK
This weekend has two levels one for complete beginners with instruments provided and a second level for people who already play. The second tutor is the amazing David Chadwick.

15th-17th September 2023 – Full Festival Weekend, Halsway Manor, England UK
Full Nyckelharpa Festival Weekend. Tutors are to be confirmed!

5th-8th October 2023 – Burg Fürsteneck, Germany
I’m teaching British Tunes, but there are 6 other tutors to choose from. Come with me and get the Fürsteneck experience!

10th-12th November 2023 – Eric Sahlström Institute, Sweden
Hopefully the start of many collaborations – Vicki will be taking over a group of students from the UK for a study weekend at the Eric Sahlström Institute in Uppland. This is a trip not to be missed! This is hot off the press, so the details aren’t released yet – just get in touch and get onto the signup list!