Where can you find Vicki teaching? Covid permitting!!

8th – 10th August 2022Nyckelharpa Camp Summer Masterclass, Bertinoro, Italy
Vicki is teaching Swedish tunes in the nyckelharpa camp

16th-18th September 2022 – Full Festival Weekend, Halsway Manor, England UK
Full Nyckelharpa Festival Weekend. Tutors are Johan Lång, Kirsty Money and Vicki Swan.

28th September 2022 – Workshop in Paredes Portugal.
Details tbc!

5th-9th October 2022 – Burg Fürsteneck, Germany
I’m teaching British Tunes, but there are 6 other tutors to choose from. Come with me and get the Fürsteneck experience!

24th – 26th March 2023 – Spring Weekend for Beginners and Intermediates, Halsway Manor, England, UK
This weekend caters for complete beginners with instruments provided and the less confident player wanting to improve.