About Vicki

A little bit about me. I’m a classically trained double bass player. I have a PGCE in music teaching specialising in instrumental music teaching. I also have a masters in Education specialising in online instrumental music teaching. You can still see my research here. I left all of that behind when we left our day jobs to become full time touring folk musicians in 2011. I began teaching the flute at the age of 14 and expanded my teaching through the years. My main focus has always been on teaching beginners and giving a god grounding in technique. This has resulted in me constantly striving to create the perfect teaching tune, or technical exercise. I’m not there yet – but I’ll keep trying!

During the Covid19 pandemic we lost all of our touring income (which is basically all our income) so I buried myself in making videos. I expanded what massively increased my output to try to get my YouTube channel back to monetisation status. This proved to be very hard and the result has been this website. 2020 was a little bit like going back to the old day job – lots of online content creation – with one difference: ten years on everything is so much easier and the technology that students have has finally caught up with the cutting edge research that we performed as part of a university research project.