Eric Sahlström Institute January 24 Trip

We’re just back from an awesome weekend! I took a group of people over to the Eric Sahlström Institute for a weekend. It felt very much like taking a class abroad on a school trip! We were 10 British people (1 from Wales and 2 from Scotland), 2 German people, 1 Dutch person, 3 Americans and 6 Swedes. (That includes, me, Emilia and Magnus!)
The weather was incredible, starting off at -20 the scenery was spectacular. It finished around 2 degrees and full on melt though. The ESI is such a beautiful building to be in and pretty iconic.
The course ran officially from Friday morning until Sunday afternoon. But most of us arrived on Thursday evening and after a swift Pizza in Restaurant Tobo, it was Tobotorsdag – a concert and session with dance. This made a really great start to the weekend meeting lots of people and playing.
For the teaching the groups were split into two – those people doing Swedish with Emilia and those doing British with me. I had the smaller group and I was really happy to be able to do my teaching in Swedish – a lot of fun trying to figure out some of the technical words I’ve never had to use before!
We had a concert, some filming for World Nyckelharpa Day, nyckelrhythmics (using balloons as they were light to bring over from the UK!) and lots and lots of Swedish tunes. I’ve put a gallery below – but I didn’t really take many pictures!
I look forward to doing this trip again – so it’s time for me to take in an idea of how many people would follow me on another school trip and how long in the future!