It’s been a busy old summer with different projects. Lots of online dances, an online folk festival. Some secret things I can’t yet talk about (but will!) My time is now taken up with preparing for Halsway. This evening I’ve been running the tunes I’m going to teach. I’ve decided this year that it’s some tunes from Småland – it feels like forever since I managed to go over to Sweden to see my family, so these tunes will have to do!

The VMR (Virtual Music Room) is building nicely – well over 300 lessons are now on the website and we have 30 sessions for you to play along with. To access most of the site you do need an account.

In exciting news – I have booked my flights to go and teach at Burg Fürsteneck in October! I can’t believe it actually could happen! I have my fingers tightly crossed for lots of negative Covid tests!

In the meantime – back to making badges!